Not Your Traditional School Week

The Human Massage Therapy program begins every September. Classes are held three days per week – Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

The Equine Massage program starts every September. Classes are scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

For both the Human Massage program and the Equine Massage program, the three-day week allows each student four days for self-study. Homework given during the three days of classes is due the following week. Studying is more easily paced according to each student’s needs throughout their four days off. Students can expect 30 to 40 hours of study on these four days off.

Students enrolled in the program may be eligible, if qualified, for assistance under one or more of the components of O.S.A.P. (Ontario Student Assistance Plan). More detailed information regarding tuition amounts and due dates can be found in the Enrolment Information section of the web site.