FAQ Page

Students can contact triOS College at (519) 455-0551 . Please note, depending on when you graduated, you may be referred to Career College Ontario for a copy of your transcripts.

Applicants will be expected to have graduated high school. A background in Biology and Chemistry are preferred. If the applicant does not have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, the student may qualify as a Mature Student. Mature Students from Ontario must be at least 18 years of age by the program start date and successfully pass an academic achievement test.

A Pre-Science Course through triOS College is available to the applicant. All applicants who do not have prior post-secondary science training must take this course.

Evidence of written and verbal proficiency must be provided by submitting a certificate of completion of an ESL program or equivalent (TOEFL is acceptable).

Our Equine Massage Therapy program provides the academic knowledge for a student to excel in equine massage therapy. If an applicant does not have a strong background with horses it is suggested that additional experience is acquired prior to commencement of the program, or concurrently during the program. This will aid the graduate in the development of a successful practice upon graduation.

triOS College recognizes its responsibility for accommodating the disability-related needs of students and is committed to providing an equal and inclusive environment. A determination as to whether a proposed accommodation would cause undue hardship within the meaning of the Code will vary depending on the circumstances of each accommodation request and will be considered on a case by-case basis.

If you have prior post secondary education in any of the subjects included in the curriculum, you may be eligible for Advanced Standing status. To apply, you will be required to provide official transcripts and curriculum information from the educational facility attended.