With the growing demand for exceptional care in the equine world, there is a need for expertly trained Equine Massage Therapists. The job of an Equine Massage Therapist (EMT) is to help with the rehabilitation and relaxation of their clients. This means aiding the equine athlete in rehabilitation as well as helping owners maximize the potential of their horses.

The Equine Massage Therapy diploma program is the only registered program of its kind in North America and offers the most intensive program to date in equine massage. Part of what makes this program unique is that students are taught to consider themselves as an extension of veterinary health care, not an alternative. Our students work in conjunction with veterinarians to minimize rehabilitation time and enhance performance.

The Equine Massage Therapy diploma program provides you with the real-world experience you need to flourish as an EMT. As a student you will be taught the hands-on skills necessary to start your new career.

This program is offered at triOS’s London campus.

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