Do you Practice Self-Care?

   As Massage Therapists we spend our working hours taking care of our client’s well-being. We work to preserve health, prevent injury and restore balance to the body. We empower our clients with preventative home care in forms such as remedial exercises, stretching and hydrotherapy. However, often times we may neglect to take the same approach to our own well-being. Our profession is a physically demanding one and it is important that self-care be a priority. You can only provide the best treatment to your clients if you are at your best.

The following are some known tips:

*  Remain as upright as possible, avoid leaning over your table for prolonged periods of time.

*  Avoid any hyper-extension of your joints, especially with pressure.

*  Make time to stretch between clients.

*  Consider investing in an electric or hydraulic table to allow you more freedom to adjust the table height during treatment.

*  Keep active and exercise.

*  Consider taking a workshop on self care.

*  Get regular massages.

   Fiona Rattray, RMT has written and excellent article entitled “Self Care for Therapists. She states: “Combining physical self-care with emotional and spiritual self-care will give you a well-balanced foundation to keep yourself and your practice running for years.” (1) I encourage you to read her article. She provides comparative information about occupational injuries for other health care professionals and detailed self-care practices.

   The easiest solution is to treat yourself as you would one of your clients. Make yourself a priority so you can continue to provide massage treatments to the best of your ability for years to come.



(1)     Rattray, F. “Self Care for Therapists” Massage Therapy Canada

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