Community Outreach

Community outreach is a supervised practical program for the benefit of our students to reinforce and acquire further experience in the development of their skills and knowledge in massage therapy. Students must complete 100 hours of outreach before graduating from our Massage Therapy Program.   Outreach is both an enjoyable and educational experience for our

5 More Reasons to Become a Massage Therapist

There are many reasons to consider training as a Massage Therapist. In a previous blog 5 Reasons to become a Massage Therapist ( we talked about having a passion to help people, flexibility, growing opportunities in the field, having a desire to work as part of a larger team, and to have a career that

Infant Massage!

Infant Massage! On April 23rd the second year D’Arcy Lane students had the opportunity to learn about infant massage. Massage for your little ones can help to improve circulation, relieve discomfort from gas and constipation, stimulate the neurological system, increase alertness and reduce stress. Infant massage also fosters the special bond between parent and child.

D’Arcy Lane Alumni Spotlight – Olivia Galloway

D’Arcy Lane Alumni – Olivia Galloway Olivia is a Registered Massage Therapist and Combined Decongestive Therapist. She graduated from D’Arcy Lane summer of 2010. She now runs a small Business, Lymphatic Moves in St.Marys Ontario where she focuses her practice on Lymphedema and Acute Injury Management. She really enjoyed her interactive educational experience at D’Arcy

Instructor Spotlight: Mary Hayes

Instructor Spotlight: Mary Hayes Mary Hayes is an Equine Theory and Technique instructor at D’Arcy Lane. She has taught management and behavior in the past. Mary exudes passion and dedication to her profession. She is known by the staff and students for her always positive and friendly demeanor.   The following a biography of Mary