darcy-lane-institute-logo-2xD’Arcy Lane Institute recently received a letter from an individual with regards to a graduate of D’Arcy Lane, Stephanie Grant. Both Stephanie and her client have requested that this story be shared. They would like to share her client’s story to recognize Stephanie and as an example of the ability of massage therapy to facilitate healing in the body and improve the overall well-being of an individual’s life.

D’Arcy Lane would like to thank Stephanie’s client for sharing their story and their success with us.

Dear Director D’Arcy Lane:

I write to you today with intent of recognition for my massage therapist Ms. Stephanie Grant. Ms. Stephanie Grant is a graduate of your institution. I believe she attended D’Arcy Lane approximately 13 years ago.

I have been attending Ms. Stephanie Grant for some time now for massage therapy, but last May 1, 2013 I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident where I had multiple mid-foot fractures and many dislocations of my right leg with surface burns. I had several plates with 9 screws implanted into my foot to repair this serious injury.

I spent 6 moths in a cast before going to an air boot. Nearing the end of my cast wearing I asked my surgeon if I could try massage therapy on my injured right leg. My surgeon agreed to allow this.

My first visit with Ms. Stephanie Grant for my injured leg was one I will always remember. I entered her place of business pretty much a mess, my leg hurt so much I used the back entrance and was in tears going down the stairs. I now walk in on my own and am ahead of my recovery by months, I have returned to work and perform about 80% of my duties. My surgeon is pleased and continues to say “whatever it is your doing, keep doing it” and he supports my therapy program with Ms. Stephanie Grant. I continue to visit Ms. Stephanie Grant once a week for an hour and my recovery continues to get better.

At this time I would like to state my personal feelings for the gifted work Ms. Stephanie Grant has performed on my injured leg. I truly believe she has a gift at the highest level and along with her education from D’Arcy Lane, she should be recognized for her ability, skill, and professionalism and last but certainly not least her “gift” she possesses with her hands and massage.

I believe without her I would not be where I am today. She is always positive; cheery and greets me with a smile even when I am teary from pain. I feel so much better following my sessions.

Take her gift and her education and we/you have a winning formula. I can’t thank her enough so I ask of you to recognize her for her ability, professionalism and her education, she could inspire many and to not recognize such a talent would be such a shame and a loss.

Sincerely and respectfully submitted for consideration,


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