What is the RMTAO?

For individuals considering a career as a Registered Massage Therapist, this is an important question that you should be asking. It is also important to distinguish the RMTAO from the CMTO (our profession’s regulatory body) as their mandates and responsibilities are different.

The Registered Massage Therapist’s Association of Ontario is a not-for-profit establishment that was created in 1936 for the purposes of advancing the profession of Massage Therapy in the province of Ontario. The RMTAO is a member driven organization which functions as the only recognized voice for Registered Massage Therapists in our province. The primary purpose of the RMTAO is to advance the profession of massage therapy by promoting a professional image to the public, educational institutions, the government, business and other health care professions.
The RMTAO undertakes various initiatives directed towards the multiple levels of government, health professionals and the public aimed at increasing awareness of Massage Therapists as primary health care providers in Ontario. Over the years their mandates have included working towards upgrading educational requirements for Massage Therapists, enabling the public to easily find a Registered Massage Therapist and to provide information and programming that encourages professional growth and high standards for Massage Therapists. The existence of the Association establishes a community within the profession promoting communication and networking.
As a member of the RMTAO Massage Therapists have many benefits such as, though not limited to the following:

  • Access to benefit programs and services.
  • A listing in an online registry which allows the public ease in finding a Registered Massage Therapist, www.rmtfind.com.
  • Lower rates on RMTAO education programming.
  • Access to our Community Networks in Ontario.
  • Access to our Career Centre with position postings and helpful career information.

This represents a very brief summary of the role of the RMTAO. To learn more about the RMTAO, its memberships and role in advocating on behalf of Massage Therapist’s in Ontario please visit their website.