Massage therapy student treats patient.Have you been considering a career as a Massage Therapist? Here are five reasons Massage Therapy training may be right for you!


1. Passion to help people: As a Massage Therapist you will be able to positively impact the health and well-being of people every day. Massage Therapy has numerous benefits including reducing pain and swelling, aiding in recovery from injury, reducing stress, and helping to improve flexibility and joint mobility.

2. Flexibility: Many Massage Therapists are self-employed; allowing them the freedom to set their own schedules. Therapists are able to find employment in a large variety of settings including multidisciplinary clinics, health clubs, spas and nursing homes.

3. Growing opportunities in the field: Massage Therapy has been rapidly gaining recognition as a viable option for maintaining good health. As its recognition grows, and more people seek massage therapy, the opportunities for Therapists increase.

4. Enjoy working as part of team: Massage Therapists work as part of a collaborative health unit consisting of a variety of health professionals. This team works to preserve health, prevent disease and injury, and restore maximum functional ability when health is lost.

5. Enjoy continuous learning: As a Massage Therapist it is important and required that you take continuing education throughout your career. In this way Therapists remain current, and have the opportunity to explore new techniques and modalities that can be applied to their practice.