The end of the year is here and is often a very busy time for Massage Therapists. During the busy season it becomes increasingly important to ensure you remained balanced between your work schedule and your personal life. Increasing demands at work can easily lead to neglecting oneself. Ensuring a balanced schedule will help you to avoid becoming both physically and mentally overworked.

Some simple tips to help you balance your schedule include:

* Ensuring to schedule time off to recover and relax.

* Do not feel guilty for taking the time off. You need to be rested and restored in order to better serve your clientele.

* Learning to say no, having a good referral network helps with this.

* Practicing good self-care. Being sure to exercise, eat healthy and remain hydrated.


Jules Torti has written an article entitled Balancing Act, about recognizing the importance of a balanced work life.

Torti writes:

“I massaged Olympic speedskaters, NHL hotshots and NBA players with size 19 feet hanging off the table. As a massage therapist, I didn’t lump myself in their category (then), but I’ve come to realize that our career also relies on peak muscle performance and dedicated maintenance, much like a competitive athlete.

Sometimes, regardless of discipline and adherence to our personal wellness arsenals, our bodies simply fail us. Often, our bodies make choices for us before our minds have the leisurely opportunity. Even then, mental fatigue can trump best intentions.

As massage therapists, we are daily witnesses to the detrimental chronic effects of many occupations. How many career shift stories have you heard from clients that have been dictated by their lack of physical well-being? How many colleagues have had their professions uprooted due to injury?

Self-directed career jumps seem to be rarer than those forced into change by unbearable stress loads, overwhelming fatigue, digestive issues, skin disorders, disenchantment stemming from repetitive strains or job-associated weight gain.”

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Marc Gordon writes an article entitled Five Ways to Manage your Life and Business During the Holidays, in which he provides great tips to help you manage  your schedule.

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